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Unveil hidden indexes from your data in CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE.

Marketers can select
only necessary information
and extract them in form of report.
Customize your own report
Build and manipulate
multi-dimensional tables and charts
Integrated campaign data management
Consolidate campaign data
from different sources
and manage them in one place.
CI is already integrated with
major media for data source transfer
You can easily upload your campaign data
from any sources.
Report analysis and comparison
Pivot interface lets you quickly
set condition and extract data.
Global filter helps you to find out
the most suitable dashboard
for your custom condition.
Account &
Project management
Manage the accessibility of your report
with authority control
to each account or project.
White labeling helps you
to easily change themes
and logos for each account.

Set codes and build custom templates!

Set codes (Dimension, Metric, Formula)
and then choose templates.
You can even edit them at your preference.
  • Choose your preferred template.
  • You can build a custom template in Code management.
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Data source will be imported automatically
You can manually upload campaign data as well.

All campaign and project data shall be automatically
transferred and imported
You can insert data by hands
or csv file uploading too.
  • Insert data in template.
  • Uploading or Downloading CSV file.
  • Data source can be automatically imported.
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Build your custom dashboard!

Make your own dashboard
and visualize it in form of report.
Build and manipulate multi-dimensional tables, summary, column,
pie, radar, line and chart. Image and Note are also available.
  • Build your dashboard in any form you want.
  • Global filter enables you to see multiple reports
    at one glance.
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One click authority control!

Refresh your account/partners/project information
in ‘Setting’ menu
  • Assign project managers quickly and easily.
  • Assign project manager to each account.
  • Keep update information of your partner and project.
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Case study

CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE has already been trusted by many partners for its excellence.
Discover hidden insights and become an analyst with CI.


Reading hundreds different forms of report
from hundreds media were very stressful.
Managing scattered data
in different forms were even worse.

But through CI, we can easily see
all of our campaign report in one place.
CI just took all pains from our shoulders
and now we are enjoying CI integrated report.


We had lots of excels to create to manage
the campaign every day.
It was very time consuming works.
So, we used CI.
We could see all campaign data broken down
by creatives, media sources and dates
and it gave us a lot of working efficiency
to amend our campaign strategies accordingly.


We used CI to compare daily budget spending
and related sales outcome
so that we could see the campaign result
in viewpoint of ROAS

CI was a perfect solution
to see all data in one dashboard.
Therefore, we could make a quick decision
about additional campaign budget.

AK Interactive

Challenge was to optimize campaign results
from massive media sources every day.

CI enabled us to run the most optimized
performance marketing.
We could see massive campaign data
from each media in nice view
and easily found how close
we reached to our KPI goal.

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